Friends, we’ve reached that point where our updates only consist of under-the-hood fixes and improvements. All our remaining art updates remain hidden behind the three locked regions, and we’re planning to roll these out in their final form later this summer. Stay tuned for more updates! We’re cooking up something wonderful for these areas, and we can’t wait for you to experience them.

The most “visible” update is the text in the Blighted Trail. The writing has been polished and updated to include more storytelling, more characters, and of course, more snark and sass from Guldaeva. We hope you enjoy the new jokes and insults! I know we always enjoy channeling our inner villain. 

The Blighted Trail is absolutely worth another visit, especially if you still have some Mastery Objectives to satisfy. You may find certain objectives easier with particular Spells or Techniques – I encourage you to explore these more deeply, as the locked regions will bring a whole new set of challenges that may trip you up.

The most POWERFUL update is our loading times. Our resident programmers worked some wizardry, and suddenly load times are so fast you can’t even read the bonus text! As a result, we’ve also added a “click to continue” function on those load screens, so you can take your time with these little story tidbits before moving on.

The performance improvements have been major for me, as I’m able to load into missions much more quickly or restart them if I’ve miscalculated a move. This has been literally life-altering.

We’ve added new sound effects, touched up animations, and fixed a weird bug with the anti-magic zones. Grid lines during the instant replay have been disabled, so you’ll be able to capture clean and beautiful footage of your encounters.


The last improvement I’d like to highlight is our screen-reading accessibility. We’ve received requests to improve Quarterstaff’s compatibility with screen readers like NVDA, and I’m delighted to announce that we’ve made significant progress on this front!

While it’s not perfect, players who use NVDA as their screen reader should be able to play Quarterstaff successfully. That being said, this functionality is not perfect, so we’re on high alert waiting for feedback or bugs.

If you use a screen reader to play Quarterstaff, we’re dying to hear from you! Please tell us what isn’t working, and we’ll do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

For the full list of improvements and fixes, please visit our Steam page!

Finally, as a side note, we’ll be participating in Turn Based Fest at the start of April. To celebrate all things turn-based, we’ll be having a sale on Quarterstaff, so if you’re planning to buy the game this is a great opportunity! Check out our page on Steam and add Quarterstaff to your Wishlist to be updated about the sale.

Thank you all for your continued support – we’ve come so far in the past year, and I can’t wait to show you what we have in store this summer!

Millie & the GLM Team