Whoa, hold on, yes, I know that’s a big statement!

But what if I told you that it was true?

With our latest patch update, I’m overjoyed to announce that- with exception to a single animation – all the available player facing content in Quarterstaff is complete!

Yes, there’s probably still some bugs happening that have escaped our notice.

Yes, we’ve launched a new UI re-design project, so the current UI will be heavily beautified and more intuitive.

Yes, significant re-writes and polish are underway.

But you can kiss the Triple-G maps goodbye! You’ll never see them again! No one is celebrating more than me, and huge shout-out to our artist Mari Takeyama who has worked tirelessly to illustrate the levels in Quarterstaff. She’s just completed SIXTEEN LEVELS in the Tower, which iss a major achievement – all these new images look amazing in game and are ready for you to enjoy! We can’t wait to see your speed runs!

In addition to continued improvements and bug-fixing, we’re working on the unlocked areas of the game. I’m grateful for your patience as we work things out, but I’m happy to announce that they’ll be available with the full release of Quarterstaff.

Demonic Wastelands: Your typical demons, with a twist – you may find they have something unusual on offer. The only thing they ask for is your soul. And high interest rates.

Mystic Mountains: Immense peaks cut through the clouds, and Kalresh must brave the heights if they want to solve the corruption that rains down from this elevated realm.

Battlegrounds: In this ongoing conflict, the innocent suffer the most, aside from a disgruntled SiggSigg. Soldiers besiege this small mining town, hoping to reap the remaining bismuth for another one of Guldaeva’s vanity projects. As if that eyesore of a tower isn’t enough to besmirch the horizon.

We’re circling a date to transition to full release later this year, and once we decide on a date, be sure that I’ll announce it!

I’d like to take this opportunity to suggest you buy the game if you haven’t already. Once we go into full release, the price of Quarterstaff will go up to reflect the added content – so make sure you take advantage of the current price. Any updates, bug fixes, or improvements (including the locked areas) will be free to download with the purchase of the game. Make sure you lock in this excellent price, because you’ll be getting way more than you pay for once the game is completed.

Here’s a quick list of additions from our latest update, which went live on February 5, 2024:

1. Tower maps completed

2. Improved Dryad animations

3. Updated & New SFX for imps, defends, and the campfire screen

4. Updated Necropolis & Sacred Forest biomes (we’re sneaky like that)

5. Plenty of fixes under the hood completed by our excellent programming/design team, that I barely understand and would fail to explain properly.

As always, we’re grateful for your continued support as we wrap up Quarterstaff. Thank you for sticking it out with us on this journey thus far!

  • Millie & the GLM team