You read that right! There’s a lot to enjoy and explore in our latest patch update, now available on Steam.

Our most major update concerns our tyrannical yet fabulous nemesis, King Guldaeva. For too long, his arcane strength was represented by a simple yet effective temp image of a long-discarded goon. While players were still able to fight and defeat Guldaeva in this primitive yet suitable form, it lacked all the satisfaction and pizazz of an extravagant and excessive boss.

Here’s a sneak peek, but as usual, his flair is best enjoyed in-game!

We’ve also updated the Arena with a brand-new map, available in both trials (Speed, Endurance) at different times of day. These are spectacular, beautifully painted by Mari Takeyama, our map artist:

In the image below, you’ll find a full list of improvements and upgrades, some of which are not visible but contribute to the overall gameplay and performance of the game.

You can also enjoy a video of these updates here:

A few weeks ago, some players reported that they were unable to launch the game. After some significant investigation and testing, we solved the issue by optimizing performance across the board. If you have any bugs, crashes, or random problems – please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know! Since Quarterstaff is still in Early Access, we’re eager for opportunities to get ahead of these errors and make sure that players have the best experience possible.

We’re on track to finish Quarterstaff before the end of the year and look forward to sharing the amazing things we’ve been working on with you all as soon as we can.

Thanks again for all your support, and for coming with us on this crazy ride!

-Millie and the GLM Team