Summer greetings unto you all, Quarterstaffers!

As you may have guessed, we’re participating in Steam’s Sale this year! Quarterstaff is now on sale for a whopping 50% off, taking the cost of the game down to $9.99 USD! Act soon, the sale started on June 29, and will end on July 13. This is a great time to share Quarterstaff with your friends and family!

To celebrate the sale, we’ve released an update that bears a TON of additions, improvements, and some minor changes to levels like the Arena. This is probably the most significant update we’ve made to date, and we can’t wait for you to check it out! We also cut a new trailer using all the new and improved assets. You can watch it at our YouTube Channel here:

First, you may notice that our temp enemies are slowly disappearing from the game. We’ve added brand-new animations for enemies in the Blighted Trail, the Bandit Hills, The Necropolis, and even the Dryads in the Sacred Forest have experienced a sinister glow-up. Be sure to visit these areas again – the Sacred Forest levels have slightly changed in difficulty, due to the introduction of Dryad Sentinels. They can’t move, but they can send their roots from afar to make your life more difficult. Defend and Teleport! We believe in your victory! Remember, you can adjust your stats at any time according to the unique challenges that our levels present.

Next up, our Necropolis Maps are complete! These were a massive labor of love, and are best experienced in-game. Go and enjoy the moody vibes of these maps as you struggle against the so-called Chosen Ones. They’re not as tough as they seem, I promise. 

We’ve also added some stunning VFX to the Confounding and Lightning Staff Flourishes. If you’ve been collecting the saplings on your journey, you’ll be able to see these right away! My favorite is the Lightning flourish because, well…I won’t spoil it. Like all the other updates, it’s better enjoyed in-game.

The Arena has also experienced some changes. In addition to new enemies, the challenges have ramped up! Have you ever gotten a multiplier of 300? I’ve only managed to get up to around 260 before making a mistake and having to start over again. It’s entirely possible to do this, and we’d love to see how high you can get your multipliers!

There’s also been several UI improvements, including the completion of all the spell icons, and some new status effect icons for opponents. These improvements to the UI will continue as time passes, so this is just the beginning in terms of beautification. 

You can catch a sneak peek of all of these changes in our video here:

It’s a big update, so be sure to log in to Steam and start downloading so you can get down to business as soon as possible!

Thank you for your support, we love our fans and are working hard to give you the best version of Quarterstaff possible!