Happy June, Quarterstaffers!

The latest update is a big one – we’ve got a lot of exciting additions! We’ve been working very hard to finish our goals for this deploy, and I’m delighted to announce the following improvements:

The Gelatinous Cube in the Necropolis has received a make-over! Not only has it been giving some squelchy sound effects, but it jiggles pleasantly every time you try to do damage:

We’ve also updated the map art for the Cube’s home where it reigns wobbly supreme. Players can now enjoy beautiful art as they figure out how to take down a bioluminescent Cube. Turn up the music volume for maximum spooky vibes – this is easily one of my favorite levels in the game! Take a look at this sneak peek:

Additionally, we’ve got some brand-new enemy animations awaiting your staff in the Necropolis. Overtake them, push them, thwack them, throw them in a pit! Bonus points if you fling them at each other. There are few things more satisfying than using your opponent’s numbers against them.

These animations are only the latest in the sweeping improvements we’ll be making for the opponents in Quarterstaff. All our temp enemies are slowly being phased out, and we’re very excited for the future.

Next – that’s right, NEXT – we have another update in the Sacred Forest. Please say hello to the creepy and borderline abominable Dryad Sentinels:

For those of you who have been through these levels before, I urge you to revisit them – you may find them a bit more challenging. Our Dryad Sentinels don’t move, but they still pack a punch – their roots have a long reach, and their bark is tough to penetrate, so be on your guard.

We’ve also updated the build with the third and final map environment art for the Bandit Hills. Be sure to give that area a replay. There are tons of details for you to explore, including piles of bottles and debris, or what we like to call “bro clutter”:

There have also been some additional improvements that are not as visible. Even though we’ve made some major visual updates, we’re constantly working to streamline or improve everything that already exists in game. We’ve polished some animations, fixed some weird bugs, and optimized some loading time issues.

We’ve also snuck in some new dialogue for our Tavern Patrons. If you haven’t visited before, go pay them a visit. You’ll learn some new facts about the regions, and even get a few hints that may help you on the way!

We’re always working to make Quarterstaff better in every way, so don’t hesitate to hit that feedback button if there’s anything on your mind!

Until next time – happy Quarterstaffing!

  • Millie & the GLM Team