Hello GLM friends and supporters! 

Things have been quite busy as we furnish Quarterstaff with more art, animation, and story. We’re working hard toward the finish line, and we’re so excited to show you what we have in store!

Today, I want to highlight something that’s been in our build since the very beginning. Part of why we released Quarterstaff for Early Access is that we wanted our players to give us feedback throughout development. This could be anything, from the smallest typo to the biggest progression-blocking bug.

This Feedback button is here for you. It loves you. It thinks you look lovely today. This is how you can share your complaints, concerns, compliments (?), or whatever else you like):

I admit, Feedback is a temp icon, but it’s at full power. This is the quickest way to drop us a line about anything you experience while playing the game. Need some more specifics? It’s at the top left of the UI, as indicated here:

If you click it, you’ll get a dialog box where you can describe any bugs, issues, or gameplay mechanics that you’re struggling with. We were surprised at how few people have used this tool, but really pleased with what we’ve received. Submitting this form is sending your comments through a direct line to our developers!

We review each comment or suggestion and determine whether it’ll make the game better or not. For example, this probably won’t be helpful to us: 


Since our game is blood-free and the protagonist is an ardent pacifist, this doesn’t help.

However, take a look at this feedback, which is some of what we’ve received:


The preview pane for the spells seems to be glitchy or slow. It looks like it’s going to show what the spell does, but there’s very little movement/changes. Spent awhile clicking different ways to try to see it and ultimately realized it was just slow/stuttery.”

This is excellent. It made us evaluate Quarterstaff’s performance and shows us how we can improve the player experience.

Sometimes our players’ feedback will rhyme beautifully with what we’re already discussing, which speeds up our implementation of these fixes! When in doubt, just hit that feedback button – you never know, it may have already been on our minds and your comments are the push we need to get it done quicker.

As the producer on this project, I endorse these little “pushes” to speed up fixes.

Oh, and another thing – just so you know, our Feedback button is anonymous. That’s right – we won’t know who sent us which comment, so you should feel free to tell us what you really think of this game. We’re eager for feedback and welcome any suggestions that you think would make Quarterstaff a better game to play!

As always, be kind and respectful. Please remember that we’re a company of human game developers. We want constructive feedback to make our game better – abusive language will be systematically ignored and deleted.

Besides, if you want to bully us, you should do it on Twitter like a REAL fan!

For your convenience:


Happy Quarterstaffing! Keep an eye out for our next build update in June!