Happy March, GLM friends and family!

Things have been so busy with Quarterstaff that it’s been tough to set aside some time to update the blog. Our last deploy to Steam went out on February 28, 2023 – you may have noticed it was a tad bit later than usual, but the reason was a good one!

A massive update was added for that patch, but it only changed the way animation plays out during missions. A fix has been added that allows the player to click freely without waiting for animations to finish – we’ve dubbed it The Animation Cancel update. No more waiting for animations to fully wind down!

As you’re playing, you’ll notice that the wait-time has been shortened, and the rhythm of the game has been massively improved! This will tighten up the space between turns so you’re not forced to wait as long between actions. Happy Quarterstaffing!

This was a major update to the build, and naturally introduced a few nasty bugs that required some thorough testing and fixing. As a result, we decided to delay the update by a few days, to doubly ensure that we could root out all of the hiccups with the build. It’s pointless to update the build if we’re not creating a better version while we do it!

In addition to this major update, we also added some brand-new spell animations and visual effects. The spells that have been updated are:

Smoke Screen

Displacement Screen

Improbable Boomerang

Branching Attack

Looks good, right? Be sure to check these out in-game! You can acquire these spells by purchasing the Dryad Talon and Ash of Mandrake at the Market.

Our next patch update is set to deploy on March 17th, 2023 – we’re planning some exciting things for this update, mostly performance related, but if I get my wish, we’ll have some new art as well!

Finally, some of the Generic Lake Monster team will be heading to the Game Developers’ Conference next week! We’re looking forward to attending some workshops, seminars, and of course networking with other game developers.

Thanks for checking in, and see you next time!