We are so excited to announce this patch update!

If you’ve bought the game, you’ve probably noticed that every two weeks we’ve been dropping a patch update, with a list of changes that can be found on our Steam page.

Now, the intensity of these updates certainly varies. Sometimes it’s invisible code fixes, other times it’ll be typo corrections (we anticipate many of these), and other times – my favorite times – it’ll be to update the game with some additional art, animation, or VFX.

I’m delighted to share that today’s patch update includes many of these! Let’s take a look:

Kalresh has been flourishing and spinning without an animation for too long. Now, whenever you invoke a flourish attack, you’ll see them spin around wondrously, and knocking the marbles out of all surrounding opponents:

While this one is complete, we’re not quite done with all these flourish animations- there’s 18 types, so there’s plenty more variations to look forward to!

Next, we have the Icy Cantrip spell, which is one of our more breathtaking spells:

Ah, all the magic of snow and ice without the inconvenience of frozen infrastructure. You can add this spell to your Pockets by purchasing the Flask of Spring Water at Horticultural Appropriation, located in the Market.

The next spell – and one of my all-time favorites- Thorny Brambles, has also been updated with a brand-new animation! It is also available for purchase in Horticultural Appropriation – just grab the humble and misleading Seed Pouch, and you’ll trip up your enemies in no time:

Note that the number of uses for each bramble is tracked by the pink flowers – nice touch, animation team!

Next, joining our adorable SiggSigg spell in the Lore of Force and Motion, we have added epic lightning VFX for Arcing Shock:

Check out that impact – so satisfying to use against so many opponents. Works particularly well against enemies that are parrying or dodging.

Polishing off the spells from the Lore of Force and Motion, we’ve added some animations for the Circle of Tremors:

Riveting. This has saved me from defeat multiple times in the Necropolis – I love watching those jokers stumble.

Finally, we’ve also updated our speech avatars for Kalresh and Guldaeva – we’re so excited to show these off!

There’s also a third, unveiled image of Guldaeva hiding somewhere in the game, but you’re going to have to track it down on your own!

As you can see, we’ve been hard at work adding art and other satisfying features to Quarterstaff. That’s it for this patch update, see you at the next one!

                                 – Millie & the GLM Team