Millie here, with a major update from Generic Lake Monster for all invested friends, family, and amiable rivals.


We’re extremely proud to announce that Quarterstaff, our debut title, will be out on Steam for Early Access purchase on December 27th!


The excitement that fills the collective homes of our remote team is palpable. This day has been years in the making. After hundreds of meetings over Discord, filing lots of tax forms and relevant LLC paperwork, and countless lists of milestone goals, we’re ready to launch!


Although, I feel obliged to tell you that our game is not quite finished.


But why, you ask? Why would you release a game that isn’t finished?


Well, I’ll tell you.


Indie game development is a crusade that requires a critical degree of commitment and sacrifice. Producing games is expensive. Though our resources may be limited, we’re doing everything in our power to create a fun and beautiful experience for our gamers.


Without an income, those resources are finite. We refuse to solicit donations. However, we must ensure that we can continue making Quarterstaff, and what better way to do this than to involve our future players as soon as possible?


For the past few years, our core team of developers have huddled closely and committed themselves to the development of Quarterstaff. It goes without saying that the project is one of passion and determination, funded solely by our own assets and cashed favors. Our ideal scenario is to release the game at its full completion, with zero bugs and maximum joy.


However, game developers plan, and the universe laughs.


To accommodate for the universe’s unpredictable sense of humor, we’ve elected to take advantage of Steam’s Early Access release program. This essentially means we can start selling a discounted yet incomplete version of our game that will be updated with more art, polish, and balancing as time goes on.


We plan to update our Steam build every two weeks at the utmost minimum. We’ll continue to widen the channel of communication and feedback with our players, so we know what we got right and what totally flopped.


We’ve already got a feedback button built into the game (please, please don’t make us regret this), so we’re ready to receive comments about your experience!


At this point in time, you can sign up for the playtest, or add the game to your Wishlist on Steam. Follow the link below to check it out!